Camisole fabric type, which is generally preferred in winter, is knitted with 3 needles. Camisole, which is a kind of rib, has the feature of transverse elongation. Camisole fabric is used in the belts of some dresses because they have the feature of elongation.

We can summarize the general features of camisole fabric as follows:

  • It has transverse and longitudinal stretching feature,
  • It is a type of fabric with a striped appearance on the front and back.
  • It is produced similarly to the rib knit structure,
  • Its lines are clear, it is preferred in many underwear products,
  • Easy to put on and take off, whether the lycra is used or not,
  • There are many pattern alternatives,
  • It is a healthy fabric type as long as artificial materials are not added,
  • It is fire resistant,
  • There are glossy and matte varieties,
  • Dirt holding properties are low,
  • It is not easily deformed,
  • Pattern and printing are easy.