Russia – Mirtex

MIRtex LLC is one of the recognized leaders in the production of knitted fabrics, as it is knitted fabric, which is especially valued in the Russian market. MIRtex has many years of experience and an excellent reputation. Optimum price and quality ratio, wide product range, continuous updating of knitted fabric design have made our company a strong place in the list of textile products manufacturers.

The production is equipped with modern European equipment. In the production of linen, all European technologies are observed, high-quality raw materials and the latest European dyes are used, so managers of Russian enterprises can be sure that the products produced fully comply with European standards. During production, quality control is applied at the exit and entry of finished products. Today the factory produces up to 1300 tons per month. The production policy of MIRtex company aims to meet the needs of customers completely, efficiently and in the shortest possible time.